Monday, March 28, 2011

A song garden grows in Kingston

I have to say, at first I was a little incredulous. There is this random person out there that wants to volunteer to write a song about the farm? Our farm? The little one next to Binnewater?

Yes. And you can play the finished version by pressing the play button below.
Mark Foley of Volunteer Music is continuing in the tradition of true folk music. Music for the folks that is. He writes about open space, about historical preservation, about the people and places that make our world the kind of place you don't mind living in. He give free concerts and supports music being heard in all communities. And I suppose he was intrigued to hear about a new greenspace "cropping" up in Kingston, because about a month and a half ago I received an email simply titled: Researching Community Farms.

After an interesting phone call that forced me to think about what was South Pine Street City Farm really doing in the middle of a city and what was I really doing as a farmer, Mark set to work transforming my bits and pieces into a coherent thought. Musicians (my husband being one) fascinate me for their ability to transform thought into emotion through sound. Even when there are no words, you can know what a song is about.

Anyways, listen to the song, pass it along.
Here's the link to the song page and mp3

And, for good measure, why don't you check out Mark's other projects: Volunteer Music and Song Project?

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