Monday, June 13, 2011

Ask and you shall receive and then some

Welcome June! After that hot spell we have gotten a beautiful mix of rainy, sunny and mild days. Everything (except my sad onions) is responding accordingly by growing at least two inches a day. Normally I would be cursing the weeds, but that Croswell soil has kept weeding down to an appreciable, but not overwhelming level.

It's going to be mostly pictures today. The images speak for themselves. But I do have to say that I have the most supportive community rallying for me this season. Earlier in the year, a wheelbarrow was stolen (I'd like to think borrowed) from the farm. These things happen in the city, and if that's the worst of it, I'm lucky. I put out a sign that said "Please bring back our wheelbarrow" thinking it would guilt the borrower into returning it. No such luck. However, one afternoon a car of folks drove by and one of them asked if my wheelbarrow had been returned. I answered no and an amazing phrase came from his mouth: "Oh, OK we'll get one for you then." And then they drove away. Believe it or not, a week or so later I get a phone call from them. They were hoping to put together the wheelbarrow before dropping it off, but were finding they couldn't get to it. Would I mind putting it together myself? Of course not! That afternoon a wheelbarrow-in-a-box was delivered to the farm and I had it together within the hour. So far it has hauled compost, carried veggies and contained dirt. It has so much more ahead of it. Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Moriarty!

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