Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Photoshoot, the farm in May

Pictures of the farm, pure and simple. 
The view from the top of my truck - and the farm stand sans veggies.

As you can tell, I'm pretty excited about the spinach this year.  I actually think I might have overdone it, there's two more beds just like this one...behind the spinach is broccoli.  I love how there are so many different color greens in the garden, and I admit, the blue-gray-green of broccoli is my favorite.

The "baby" bok choy, almost done.  So this is a case where it's called "baby" just because it's diminutive, not because it is a younger version of the regular stuff.  Same goes for carrots and peppers.

I am always fascinated by insect sex, especially when it is happening on the crops.  I am not sure whether these guys are good or bad, so if you know, tell me!  Oh, and these are on the napa cabbage.

Two types of cabbage here: Early Jersey Wakefield on the left, a great early pointy headed cabbage (really, it looks like a cone) and on the center and right, Golden Acre, a variety I haven't grown before, but the catalog made it seem like they were the sweet  and great for coleslaw.  We'll see.

Back view of the garden.  Peas are coming along, but I am impatient.

The lettuce is growing up! (See last post)

Red romaine head on.  Yet another kind of green in the center there.

 Once some of these guys get a little older, I'll do a spring heirlooms and open pollinated review.  I'm thinking Bloomsdale spinach, Golden Acre and Early Jersey Wakefield cabbages, Mayfair peas and Nantes di Chioggia carrots.

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