Sunday, April 24, 2011

Baby Pictures

Now that all (and by "all", I mean "most of", there is still a small pile left that I'm not quite sure what to do with) the dirt is in the beds, it's time fore planting! Lots of veggies are going in this week, and sending all my little babies out there into the world is kind of like taking your kids to their first day at school. At least I can only guess that this is true, as I don't have any kids. But for right now, this is as close as I get. I've tried to raise them right, I hope that they don't get bullied by bigger, tougher weeds and I have to just prepare myself to let go and let nature take it's course. But not without a few pictures first.
If you look through all my farmy photos, you'll notice that every year they start to drop off right around when the first tomatoes get weeded. This is because after that time (say around June 1st) there is no time for anything beyond the basics: food, shower, sleep, farm. Sometimes I forget to do one of those items, except for the farming.
So enjoy these pictures while they last. Unless, of course, Leone or some other picture loving geek decides she wants to take over the photo logging for me.
Desiree Dwarf Blauschokker peas. Fancy name, diminutive plant. Eventually they will make blue-purple podded peas. Yes, fancy indeed.

A mix of Nabechan and Red Baron spring onions. I'm hoping the red and white will look good together in a bunch.

Surrey arugula in the front and Renegade spinach in the back. Remember when these were itty bitty? Well, now they are still small, but at least they have their first true leaves!

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