Monday, April 4, 2011

Work Party Number Two: Veggie Garden Installation Complete?

Come one, COME ALL, to the second work party of the season! Second load of dirt, second chance for mushroom cultivation. I am sick of looking at those wooden plugs make their own mushrooms in my fridge. Let's make them do some work! (You probably don't know what I'm talking about and that's OK. Just come TO THE WORK PARTY and you'll fine out).
Meet me at the FARM, SATURDAY APRIL 9th. We'll start at 10AM and finish when we finish or sometime around 2PM. By the way, we're at 27 South Pine Street in Kingston.
As always, light lunch and snackies with be provided. Unless there's steady rain we'll be out there, so dress appropriately, especially with layers and work gloves.
Maybe the peas will be up by then? Maybe you'll get to plant some more peas. Yum. Maybe I'll even show you about growing pea shoots and sunflower sprouts, the first crops of this season, albeit grown in the basement of my house.

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