Sunday, April 24, 2011

The farm: then, now, and super now

Remember when the South Pine lot looked like, well, just a lot? Ya, I don't either, but I do remember what it looked like when I got there. There was a community garden in place when I took it over and although I am usually a fan of community gardens, somehow this one didn't make the cut. Every once and a while I feel a small pang of guilt for completely re-making the place, but I do feel better knowing the neighbors approve of the change and the former gardeners have found another spot, right in front of The Queens Galley, as a matter of fact.
So here's a trio of pics. The first one is when I first worked on it last fall. The pile of debris is the ramshackle fence that I razed in favor of something more...well....fence-like. The second is the farm three days ago. The third is Daniel's 21st century version of the farm - design school style.

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